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Summer ’12 festival fun part 1

Helloooo there!! So it feels like summer has finally arrived in London - it is scorching!! Lovin’ it!

The first half of the Cher Lloyd Summer festivals are under the belt and they couldn’t have gone better. After another intense run of which I wanna give a huge thanks to the fantastic Marcus Byrne for helping me sort out my rig for these summer dates with Cher.....

.......we hit T In The Park first in Kinross, Scotland. Mahoosive tent and such a vibrant crowd, they were a blast, can always count on the Scottish to know how to have a good time! Had my first chance to test run my new in-ear monitor’s too, I gots me some Ultimate Pro 3’s and ooooohhhh do they sound SHWEEEET!! That Scottish crowd were SO loud I was counting my blessings I had them in time for these shows!

Moving onto Wireless in Hyde Park, was a bit of a special one being the home town and all ;) Another great crowd that didn’t let the rain and mud get them down! Was a pleasure for us to open main stage and it also meant we got to stick around to see Jessie J and RiRi ;) Amazing shows with super talented musicians, so incredibly inspiring to see! (Went straight home to practice my Hanon chops :-P)

The show at Electric Brixton for Perez Hilton’s One Night In London was awesome! Great to be back in a venue again. Got to do some good hanging with my girls Emily Dolan-Davis, Jihea Oh and Carmen Vandenberg. Went to see a silly movie called Magic Mike or something and got full on Nandos before the way to prep for a show - full on some good chicken we was hyped and ready ;)

Finishing off the run with Guilfest was so much fun!-muddy as hell, but fun...and guess who forgot their wellies! As always Cher performed, looked and sounded amazing, can’t fault that girl, she got that swagger ;)

There has also been another blues gig with the wonderful Tristan Mackay. Was an intense one with the Canada Water Arts venue being so intimate but it suited Tristan down to the bone giving him the space to show off his more intimate numbers.

Looking forward to the next short but sweet run of festival gigs with Cher. In the meantime am busy busy with other odd bits and bobs. Really looking forward to getting back to the stage with the ever so charismatic and talented Aaron Delahunty at Strawberry Fields fest. Am also delving head first back into the songwriting, a little bit of studying under way of the art and craft of songwriting first with the help of Berklee college :-P And if there’s any time left over I may just get a holiday in, fingers X

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