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Mexico and China (again) with Daya!

2019 is whizzing by, HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?!

Daya has kept me busy on the road with one off spots around the US. We also took a trip to Mexico in March, and if going to China twice last year wasn't enough, we were back again in June, this time to Shanghai and Chengdu. I will always be grateful for these experiences and the opportunity to see the world, even if I only get a day or two in these places.

In March I also got the privilege of joining the Clive Davis Institute of New York's Tisch Music School, to play in their house band for their graduating class. They came to LA to do a special performance at The Echo. It was an awesome weekend with the students, they were all so talented and it was a bonus to play with such a killer house band. Wishing all the students the best of luck in whatever routes they pursue after college!


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