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2017 whirlwind

Hey cuties!

2017 is nearly over, I can't believe it, can you?!

This year has been a year of growth and further learning that you can do anything you set your mind to. And also a constant lesson in not to worry so much about the future., (pah-haha I can talk) a tough feat for a woman whom is apparently pre-programmed to worry all the time...but just knowing that the universe has got you, and everything WILL be ok in the end.

I started the year working with Diana DeMuth - an awesome artist who came top 30 in America's The X Factor. Went to London for a couple of weeks to see the fam. Came back to LA and started filling in with Grammy award-winning artist Daya which led to an amazing tour in August in Asia. We went to Osaka, Tokyo, Jakarta, Manilla and spent four days off in Bali! Gorg! I started working in town with a new artist called Royse, which we recorded a live album performance at legendary EastWest Studios in Hollywood back in September. I also started working with one of the most amazing singers I've ever heard, YouTube star, Savannah Outen. Bad-ass chick with great songs..check her out!! I joined Atlantic artist, Nicky Blitz's band, watch out for his single 'Blast Off' coming out soon with a video that features yours truly. And I recently started working again with Rachel Platten, which also looks like will have me being a busy bee until the end of the year, touring with her specifically for her new album promo release which I'm super excited about!

I'm also continuing to pursue the songwriting and have had some interesting co-writes this year! Check out my SoundCloud to hear some tunes I uploaded this year. More to come next year, and if you want to co-write, hit me up!

While music takes up my personal and work life, I'm pushing my knowledge in buddhism, nutrition and wellness & trying to get back into yoga. As we grow in all aspects of our life and our minds expand, our stamina and endurance for new information also grows which in turn makes our reality even bigger and brighter. So if you're seeing some Instagram posts from me about salads and matcha...that explains it haha ;p

Keep on growing friends...put yourself in uncomfortable situations and do those things you don't think you're able to or that you think are risky...and watch yourself grow.

Love Dani xXx

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