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Summer '19 festivals with Bea Miller!

Festivals are my favorite type of gigs. The adrenaline, the sweaty outdoor stages, the massive crowds, the throw-and-go vibe that you need to be able to just deal with...I love every second of it! And this year I got to do more of them with Bea Miller.

We hit Firefly, Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, Life Is Beautiful, among others. These were Bea's first festival shows ever and she drew HUGE crowds!! So much fun!!

Now as we head into fall, I'll be joining Bea on her Fall European/US tour for a couple months. Starting in my beloved London hometown <3 traveling to Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin; followed by 6 weeks around the US and Canada. Can't wait, hope you come check us out, it's an awesome show and Bea kills it every time!


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