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Highlights of 2018! Daya, Julia Michaels and more...


Wow, we're already at the end of 2018...where did the time go?!

2018 was full of exciting shows, lots of traveling and some super cool gigs!

I was mainly working with Daya this past year, and she had an awesome year! We went to China...twice! The first time for Grammy Fest in Beijing and the second for an event with Audi in Hong Kong. I never thought I'd go to China...I don't know why, it just wasn't at the top of my list of places to go, you know?! So being given the opportunity to go twice within a month was awesome - I loved it! The one thing that struck me most was how friendly and hospitable the Chinese are, their demeanor is calm and quiet, and the food was great too! We got to do some sightseeing while we were there as well. We went to the Great Wall Of China - AMAZING!!! And we saw the Forbidden City...their history is so interesting. And then when we were in Hong Kong, we went around the city, did lots of shopping and took in the views from a rooftop restaurant over the river. I will never forget these memories, I will be forever grateful.

Over the summer, Daya went on to play some super cool gigs, including Lollapalooza!! woop woop

Another highlight of the year was jumping on for a second with Sabrina Carpenter. We played on Good Morning of the prime time morning TV shows in the USA. This was lots of fun - even the 3.45AM call time haha

Towards the end of the year I was asked to fill in on the Julia Michaels gig... Julia is one of my fav songwriters- incredibly talented, she has written hits that we will all be listening to for a long time to come, so to be able to play with her has got to be a highlight of my career, I must admit. She was awesome, the band are AMAZING and I'm super grateful her keyboardist trusted me to hold down her seat on this one :)

A couple of other artists that i HAVE to mention because they're amazing and deserve to have as much success as those mentioned above are Doe Paoro and Anjelica. If you haven't heard them CHECK-THEM-OUT! Doe Paoro's music is moody, dark and bluesy with super interesting lyrics and melodies. Top songwriting from her if you love singer-songwriter stuff. And Anjelica is a vocal powerhouse - RnB, soul with hints to classic 90's RnB, really looking forward to her new music next year, and playing more shows with hopefully both of them!

Other than the above, I have been writing and producing. Now DJing too, at DJ English Rose :) Loving this new venture - DJing is just SO MUCH FUN, and improvisatory in a whole different way!

I'm playing with bands in LA too and creating as much music as I can. I have always believed that, for me, odd-number-years have always been better...2018 was a pretty good one, can't wait to see what 2019 has in store :)


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