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Shamir Asia/Australia tour!

It's been an amazing start to 2016 with Shamir, we just got back from Australia where we went on the road with Laneway for their festival tour around Asia, New Zealand and Australia.

First stop, after what felt like 2 days of travelling (actually it was!), was Singapore where we performed in super humid heat to thousands right in the middle of the Gardens by the Bay, a beautiful botanical garden site right in the centre of Singapore. The view was gorgeous, this was the perfect way to start the tour!

Then to Aukland, NewZealand and onto Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and the last stop Perth!

The Laneway festival shows were SO awesome, and the vibe amongst the festival was great too, all the artists got to know eachother and make new friends! The community vibe that grew was the best part along with having the opportunity to hang out in Melbourne and Sydney for a few days! Other acts on the tour included, Chvrches, Grimes, Purity Ring, East India Youth, The Internet, Thundercat, among a lot of awesome others!

Australia is great! Kind of reminded me of the UK sometimes in the way the streets and areas looked, which was unexpected but awesome; the people are so friendly and layed-back, and the weather of course was perfect! We played a couple of our own headline-side shows in Melbourne and Sydney too which rocked, the venues were packed and Aussies definitely know how to party! Shamir killed it as always, the energy he gives in his performances and to his fans is infectious - it makes it such an incredibly enjoyable show to be a part of, play and watch, & it's a really great team to work with. Shamir keeps climbing, there's no stopping him.

Before this tour I acquired the ARP Odyssey, with tour logistics, taking it all that way was looking a little unlikey so with the Kronos I re-programmed some of Shamir's sounds onto the ARP and then sampled them onto the Kronos to add them to the live set. The Kronos is amazing for this. I ended up making the basic sound on the ARP and then through the Kronos i would add all the after-effects. I'm so happy I've added the ARP to my rig (I am so in love with this synth!), it sounds so incredible, it's going to continue being an amazng addition to my set up-I'm so excited.

To get the opportunity to go to Asia and Australia and see these places on the other side of the world is amazing. I definitely never felt so far from home until we hit Perth and I was touching the Indian Ocean. It's incredible where music can take you! Looking forward to what's coming up next in the up-coming months xXx

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