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Rachel Platten, Zara Larsson, Madilyn Bailey...and much more!

Since we came off the road with Shamir in the summer, work life has taken me to many different places!

First I got to play some gigs with the coolest YouTube star Madilyn Bailey! We went to San Fran for a full band show, and I got to do a few acoustic gigs with her in Vegas; LA for YouTube's new gaming series; and a private show in the MALDIVES!! I felt so blessed to get the opportunity to go and work there. Staying on an island in a villa surrounded by soft golden sand and crystal clear blue water in the middle of the Indian Ocean, it was paradise! For the gig, I got 3 days there which was great seeing as the travel was over 26 hours...sheeesh. The food was incredible and the hospitality. Well worth it for anyone if you ever get the chance, I know I definitely want to go back ;) Check out pics below or on my Instagram.

I also got to play keytar alongside amazing singer Zara Larsson on her performance on hit American TV show Dancing With The Stars! That was SO much fun! Zara is amazing and I love her style and energy! Check it out:

One of the highlights over the last few months of 2016 was getting to work with Rachel Platten. An incredibly passionate and talented musician, Rachel demanded the best from me musically, and I felt challenged and fulfilled working with her. With my friend Dan Richards on guitar, we did a fly date up in beautiful Napa Valley. It was an awesome time, more gigs like that please!!

I also got to record a session at legendary Sunset Sound studios in Hollywood where artists like The Doors and Van Halen have recorded. I did a days session with awesome singer-songwriter Diana DeMuth! Looking forward to playing live with her in 2017, she appeared on America's The X Factor a few years ago, she's an incredibly talented songwriter.

I also joined the house band at LA's no. 1 live music night, The Sunset Jam! Hosted by Erik Himel at The Viper Room on Sunset blvd every Monday night! Jamming and meeting lots of new crazy-talented musicians has been amazing! Everyone is super friendly and the vibe is always good, no cliques or egos. Come down and play if you're in the area!

Coming off the road has also given me time and space to start pursuing my own songwriting. Something I have always wanted to do, and now living in Los Angeles has opened up more opportunity for that and it makes my heart race!

Looking forward to 2017, keep watching my SoundCloud, there will be many more releases. I've also just started writing with a production company called ATH Productions... keep an eye out! :) xXx

At Sunset Sound studions, Hollywood

The Sunset Jam, monday nights The Viper Room

YouTube performance with Madilyn Bailey

The Maldives

backstage chilling before our show with Rachel Platten

Dancing With The Stars with Zara Larsson

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