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Quarantine Queen/Life

Hello friends! What a crazy moment in history we have found ourselves in ey?! The world has officially come to a stand-still, grocery shopping is nothing like we've seen it before, and by now we all own a couple of masks.

We're living through a moment right now that'll go down in the history books, and how we deal with it and overcome this will make our generation, will define this time in our homosapien development, and our behavior and choices will most probably be studied for years to come. So, with this, I'm choosing to be a responsible human and global citizen. I'm staying home; not visiting family or friends, and certainly not anyone who is vulnerable or immunocompromised; I'm disinfecting my groceries when I bring them in the house (why does this take so long?! lol); and I've never washed my hands more in my life haha!

Live music for the moment has come to a halt, but I'm so grateful we live in the era of technology that we're in. Musicians everywhere have jumped to live streaming, and creating music videos with friends around the globe has taken off. I've been able to convert my work online, creating and doing at-home studio sessions for clients from my living room. This has all been possible mostly through sites like SoundBetter and Jammcard, which offer a great platform for artists to hire musicians online.

I have collaborated with clients on these websites, and also people I was working with prior to Covid. Here are a couple of awesome projects and videos that have came about these past couple months while quarantined . . .

First, I was so happy to be able to work with the Daya team on a live performance video of her hit Don't Let Me Down for the WeDay movement! Check it out . . .

Another fun video was a cover of Billie Eilish's Bad Guys with a band in LA that I play with regularly, Crowd Theory Entertainment. The talent in this video is off the charts!

And finally, a session that took place in the early days of lockdown that i was hired for through SoundBetter, for the band Machisma Militia. It's an awesome song, and the video is a thank you to all the frontline workers during this time - we appreciate you!

So, with the sudden change in circumstances, it's good to know that we musicians are adaptable! We will all find our way through this time and will be back to playing live shows someday soon.

Until then, I'll see you online! Stay safe and healthy


p.s. when times get tough remember, our grandparents were called to fight in wars, we are being called to sit on our couch . . . this statement has really helped me put things into perspective, hope it helps you too.

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