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Summer ’12 festival fun part 2

Ahhhhh!! aaaannnndddd relax!!

Festival season is over boo hoo hoo, has been the best summer!

Last time I left you we had just completed the first run of festivals with ms Cher Lloyd, and now it’s all over....too soon....too quick.....can we go back and do it all again PLEASE?!?!

The second run was a blast! Took good advantage of the freebies this time, hair, make up - so glamorous! Minus the mud and portaloos of course! (hate those things!) Being in an all-girl band is perfect for this stuff - first thing we did, even BEFORE we hit catering was go get our hair done! :-P Girls ey!

Finishing off the run in good ol’ Skegness! T’was lovely to be back in a venue and do a full hour show like the good old times on tour!

Also had a show with Aaron Delahunty at Strawberry Fields Fest - was great to be back with the boys again, hadn’t gigged with them since February - was long over due and Strawberry Fields went down great!! Felt goooood to drop that dub bass again ;)

Safe to say summer ’12 has been awesome! Looking ahead there’s some very exciting things coming up which I must not jinx so this space ;)

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