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Seasons Greetings and Happy 2013!


Secondly, I know I’ve been slack on the blogging front! I’m sowwwy..

Last time, I had left you after an amazing summer festival tour with Cher Lloyd and talk of exciting things ahead...unfortunately those exciting things didn’t come to fruition, but it’s not all bad news! Along with the regular bill-paying gigs, the extra time meant some serious down-time-practice for me! I got back to my playing roots and spent a while studying under the legend that is Gary Burton, which was an incredibly fulfilling time for me. I also got back on the writing, finishing old tracks and starting new exciting projects!

Finishing 2012, I had fun times with a new girl band I’m in, The Rockettes! Such talented young ladies and wonderful people, such a joy to be around, makes work so easy!

There were other odd gigs here and there too, nothing exciting, although I had started gigging the Korg Kronos, which is such a beast!! I love it! The sounds that it makes and everything that’s possible with this workstation is so inspiring! It’s basicially become an extention of my being...where I go, Kronos goes. What I love about Korg is that they’re always a step ahead of the game, definitely made the right choice with this one. Personally the Kronos is the most beautiful keyboard on the market at the moment. I promise to do a proper review for you all at some point in the near future, but till then, just’s gooooood ;)

2012 was an incredible year for me, an intense roller coaster ride and one that’s not going to be forgotten quickly. I always believe everything happens for a reason, and I continue to have faith that I’m on the right path. I strongly believe that if you work hard, good things will happen and opportunities will continue to present themselves...And I am working my ass-off!

Looking forward to 2013, I’ve got many new year resolutions, too many to talk about but are still being kept to, even two weeks into January! Woo-go-me!

I’m looking forward to playing a lot more this year, meeting many more wonderful people and seeing more of this beautiful world we live in. 2013 is also going to be about getting my music out into the universe. I’ve decided to take the plunge and let yall hear my thoughts, feelings and emotions...brace yourselves! Haha!

Till next time, love and hugs x

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