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Sarm studios, more gigs and YouTube

Hello beautiful people!

So here’s what’s been going on in the first quarter of 2013..

I started the year rehearsing with a rock artist called John McKeown in The Joint and Sensible studios, brilliant singer/guitarist with some Tarantino style vibes...lots of organ playing for me which was super cool!

We also went into Sarm studios to record a track and I had the pleasure of recording on a beautiful Bosendorfer grand piano and a Hammond B3.

Since then, I’ve been working on other projects which include my own writing and producing project and a co-writing project with a very talented young lady. When those are available to hear I’ll let you know via links etc ; )

I’ve also been to a fair few gigs. The highlights of which were firstly: I saw the Yellow Jackets at Ronnie Scotts in March and met the legend Russell Farrante! They were incredible, so inspirational and Russell was such a dude!

I also went to see Andrew James O’Brien open up for Paul Brady at Cadogen Hall. I toured with Andrew last year, he was the support act on the Tristan Mackay UK tour, all the way from Canada. It was so good to see him and his girlfriend Catherine do their thing on stage, such charisma between them both with gorgeous harmonies and beautiful songs, well worth checking him out.

I seem to be a regular at Ronnie Scotts lately, I also saw Michel Camilo, who was amazing! I’ve been listening to him since I first discovered jazz in my early teens. Such a virtuoso, his show was so dynamic and vibrant..just pure genius.

Till next time, I’ll leave you with my new YouTube channel:

And here’s the first video, a cover from one of my favourite movies, The Fabulous Baker Boys..enjoy! x

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