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Summer ’13 - LA, Abbey Road and A*M*E

Hello lovelies, how has your summer been?

Mine started off with a bang - took a trip to LA to visit my good friend and fellow female muso Kelly Appleton and check out what’s going down in the LA music scene.

I discovered, unsurprisingly, that LA has a pretty badass scene going on. My trip consisted of witnessing some amazing music at some awesome venues inc. The Piano Bar, Hotel Cafe and The Viper Rooms, eating lots of pizza from The Rainbow - the pizzas were bigger than our heads!

We also took a trip to San Francisco which was stunningly beautiful! Saw the Golden Gate, Union Square and heard some great jazz at a local bar near to where we were staying. San Frans are fantastic jazzers!

Met some very talented musicians on the trip as well which was very fun. All in all it was an amazing and very inspiring trip and I can’t wait to go back ;)

Back in London I was very lucky to attend a filming of a new music show called “Talks Music”, which is an hour-long exclusive interview with a guest who has been influential in the music industry, and this show was with Jeff Beck. At the amazing Abbey Road Studios, in the front row, it couldn’t have been any better. I learnt about Jeff Beck’s time in the music industry, the ups and downs, and all-round craziness of his life - it was absolutely incredible, and he’s a very funny man. I strongly recommend catching the show when it airs on TV in the autumn.

I finished off the summer by jumping on a couple of festival dates with A*M*E, Fusion and Sundown Festival were the last couple of dates on her Jessie J summer support tour. I had about 3 days to learn her set, with nothing but a talk through the songs beforehand - a little pressure there - but it was SO fun, I love festivals and the adrenaline you get from the blanket of people in the audience in front of you - there’s nothing like it and A*M*E is so incredibly talented, so lovely and a good laugh too.

Check us out at Sundown Fest here:

Most recent developments, I’ve started working with a London studio as their session keyboardist which I am very excited about, I will let you know where you can hear any projects that come out of that.

I’ve also been continuing with my own songwriting projects, I entered The Jack Petchey Anthem National Songwriting Competition as well, of which I have got into the final 10, woop woop!! I’ll definitely be blogging about it if I happen to win, fingers X, and the song that I entered with will be up on my YouTube along with some more video uploads of me doing my thang! hehe

It looks like I’ll be going on tour again in the autumn too which I am the most excited about - I cannot wait to tell you all about it but I am very superstitious so even me letting slip this much is too much! Haha So keep an ear out for that one ;)

Till next time, stay cool beautiful people x

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