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Recently I joined artist Basheba on a couple of really cool gigs. Residing from North West London and most recently nominated for a MOBO unsung 2014 award, her sound is unique with a combination of drum & bass, blues, R&B and gospel.

The first was a gig in the Juicy Couture store in Westfields Shepherds Bush, which was super cool-they had different artists and dj's playing throughout the weekend. The store was packed OUT when we performed the acoustic set, which I got the call for the night before!!-learning the songs that morning in rehearsal and then straight to the gig was an experience but we definitely pulled it off and the gig went down really well and was so fun!!

Then last week Basheba had her EP launch gig at The Social. This time I had much more time to prep and get the Kronos set up, ready to smash the gig with epic big sounds haha! Again, the venue was packed solid, and Basheba sounded amazing giving the audience a taste of her new EP. It came off with rave reviews, here's an awesome one to check out:



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