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SXSW Festival, Austin Texas with Shamir!

Since coming out to Los Angeles in mid Feb '15 I have been working with new up and coming artist Shamir, most recently voted top 10 in BBC Sound of 2015, our first run was SXSW festival in Austin Texas. Feelin super grateful to not only have the opportunity to come and work in LA but also head out to Texas within my first month - I had a blast! And Shamir is the most fun and awesome artist I could hope to be working and touring with.

We had four gigs within the space of three days. SXSW is the most crazy festival I've ever experienced - live music and party people everywhere! We had suh an amazing time, the shows were really great and it was good to be doing festival stages again...been a second. My favourite was the YouTube stage on the friday night, opening for the legend that is Snoop Dog! We stayed for his show too which was awesome!!-my first ever hip hop gig too. Saw a lot of very cool artists play...and went on a day trip to Switched On music store, the store of my dreams filled with vintage gear and synths mainly. I was in heaven! The food in Austin is also BOMB!! Such an amazing time. Can't wait to hit the east and west US coast tour with Shamir over the next couple months. Check him out!:

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