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Lucy Spraggan Tour Diary 2/2

Wow what an epic past 5 weeks!

Last time I left you half way through the tour just after the London show. Now it’s all over and I’m so sad! - I love touring SO much!

We went back on the road on the 1st November, starting in Southampton, then moving round to Norwich and Bristol.. Bristol was probably my favourite gig of the whole tour, the crowd were insane, the O2 academy was so cool and I had a awesome day looking around the beautiful city, took a walk along the river, had a gorgeous peanut butter cappuccino at a vintage styled cafe called The Birdcage too..definitely worth seeking out if you’re ever there.

Next stop was Nottingham Rock City! Such a bad ass venue!

Then onto Liverpool and Newcastle. The morning of the Liverpool gig, we made a quick detour to Manchester Media City / The Pie Factory to do a quick recording for CBBC (to be aired in January). This was my first TV gig - was a bit of a whirlwind - up at 6.30, straight into hair and make up, straight onto the set to record the song and before we knew it we were out again and I was back in my bunk on the bus. Was SO fun though and wicked to see the studio set and how it’s all done from that side of the camera.

After more epic shows in Liverpool and Newcastle we were over to Scotland! First stop Glasgow ABC and then Edinburgh Picture House. Scotland is brilliant! We also got a day off to look around Edinburgh. Such a beautiful city, I took a walk all around. Went right up to Edinburgh Castle, stopped off in a record store and sat listening to old vinyls for a while. Went for a brill meal in the evening with the tour fam too.

After our day off we were on the road again for the final leg of the tour in Ireland! First stop Belfast, moving around to Galway, Cork and finishing in Dublin. I really enjoyed seeing Ireland, not to mention tasting the lovely smooth Guinness...just doesn’t taste the same anywhere else!

The shows were smaller and in more pub style venues for the first three dates which was great - meant we had much more intimate shows which I really enjoyed. Belfast was great, Galway was really pretty too. Cork was beautiful and I seeked out an amazing Chocolatier, had a lavender hot chocolate and bought a couple of delicious rose petal milk chocolate bars and coffee bean dark chocolate bars.

Our last day in Dublin couldn’t have been better placed. What an amazing city. Took a walk around the city centre, saw Dublin Castle too. The people seemed especially friendly here and the show was one of the best on the tour. We had a very fun time letting our hair down afterwards as well ;)

Now it’s all over and I have tour blues :( But I have the most amazing memories from the past 5 weeks. The Spraggan team were brilliant to work with. Lucy’s supports; Shannon Saunders and Andreas Moe are wicked upcoming artists and well worth checking out!

The tour was made even more enjoyable working on the Korg Kronos. Smooth and seamless technology that sounds amazing. Anything that I needed to do, including in sound checks or on the live shows was quick and manageable without glitches or any tech problems. Love it!!

The band were incredibly inspiring as musicians to work with, I enjoyed every second playing and hanging with them...just don’t tell them I said that ;)

And Lucy is such a bad ass! Great album, amazing talent - and one of the best people I have had the pleasure of working for. I leave you with a performance of Wait For Me from the Sheffield show. xXx

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